Flying motivationals

flying sharks
flying tanks
flying motivational poster
flying demotivator
flying demotivational
flying poster
flying black frame pic
flying stingrays poster
funny motivational poster

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Best Google bloopers

Despite the fact that there's a sizable group of people who think this search engine is all-knowing and all-powerful, even Google has it's funny moments:

google french military defeats victories

funny google blooper
A sexist remark:

google she invented did you mean he

And a racist remark:

google racist black people stole bike

ebay sells african slaves google
Some people wouldn't call this next one a blooper:

funny google blooper paris hilton

google blooper

google funny suggestion kayaking acrossKayaking 5,404 km across the Pacific Ocean? Another great idea by Google.

best google blooperSwim across the Atlantic??

funniest google blooperWell, at least they admit it.

google chuck funnyYou can try this one out for yourself. Type in "find Chuck Norris" and hit "I'm feeling lucky" instead of search. I don't know if this search result is intentional but it's pretty funny.

funny google search

And now a little intentional humor by Google:

funny google search recursionNo matter how many times you click "recursion" it still asks "Did you mean: recursion?". (The term [recursion] is used more generally to describe a process of repeating objects in a self-similar way.)

hitchhiker guide to galaxy google funnyA reference to The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy.

That's all for now. I'll update if I run into another "pearl of wisdom" by Google.

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Hi five animals

Biggest list of animal high fives on the internet:

squirrel hi five

cat high hi five
dog hi five

seal hi five hand shake
frog high hi five
cat kitty hi 5
dog hi five
monkey hi five

dog shake hand handshake
cat waving hi five
cat high hi 5
bobcat hi high five
cat hi 5
duck hi five

bear hi five
animal hi five
invisible high five
animal high five
animal hi fiving hifiving
animal high five

dog high five 5
happy dog high five
walrus hi five

rabbit hi five
hi five high five
animal hi five

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Worst (funniest) names

Here's a list of some of the funniest names I've ever seen:

funny name ben dover

real life donald duck

dick assman real nameDavid Letterman was so amused by this guy's name that he invited him to his show. He was a nightly feature for about a month.

name vagina id

hugh jass huge ass names

imma hog I'm funny grave name
Sorry if this one is a little too morbid for you but this is the only visual proof I could find. She was a famous philanthropist known as The First Lady of Texas. Fate plays some ugly jokes on us all.

funny nameI couldn't believe this one but you can check at ESPN's website (

hilarious nameThis guy is already famous around the internet but he definitely deserves a place here.

mike hock funny name worst

worst name everMy clitoris. And my c*nt is next :)))

worst name mike huntSeriously, what were these people's parents thinking?

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