Funny tattoos

And now a huge dump of the funniest and weirdest tattoos you'll ever see:

funny tattoo made in china

funny nazi lol tattoo

ak47 on leg tattoo
Because nothing says "I'm an idiot" better than an AK47 tattooed on your leg.

pentagram jew star funny fail
This one's not a tattoo. It's even worse. Cut into the idiot's arm. Love the comments.

html tattoo on neck
A little coding humor.

hilarious tattoo

tattoo all over back

funniest tattoo

funny tattoo mowing
Now this is a tattoo with style.

funny monkey asshole tattoo
funniest tattoo

funny tattoo
Yeah, you're cooooool!

funny tattoo mowing
best tattoo ever
funny tattoo arm muscles
It's a cheat sheet to pass the anatomy exam.

funny six pack tattoo
The symbol of his life.

michael jackson pedo tattoo

fail tattoo
This is the best one I've ever seen. Epic fail.

arm nail tattoo
Never lose your sense of humor!

unicorn humps dolphin tattoo
Misspelled tattoos:

fuck the system tattoo fail

misspelled tattoo
Didn't have enough fingers to write it correctly.

misspelled tattoo
No I'm not jalous. Nor jealous.

funny misspelled tattoo

funniest misspelled tattoo

Tradgedy? Describes this tattoo perfectly.

tattoo fail spelling
tattoo spelled wrong
tattoo spelled wrong

Gaming tattoos:

tattoo spelled wrong
Good old Nintendo.

epic fail tattoo

crazy tattoo

super mario tattoo
pacman tattoo
bad tattoo

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Funny tattoos (part 2)


Funny food

My next theme is funny food. Enjoy!


funny food potato chicken

funny looking food potato

heart shaped potato


funny food orange cat

funny food oranges

funny food orange cellulite

funny food suicide lemon


funny food art apple world map

food art apple butterfly

funny food angry apple bites


funny watermelon

funny food

hilarious food


funny food cabbage

funny food cabbage head


funniest food donut

weird donut funny

funny police food donut

chocolate donut


funny carrot


funny egg

funny eggs

Other stuff:

funny food

funny food hilarious

funny toaster food

funny pacman cookies

ketchup funny

funny food

lol food

funny food

funny food tomato teacher

funny fruit

funny shape food

funny pumpkin

funny cookies

cookie monster cupcake funny food

funny shape food

funny food like

funny delicious food
Was that delicious or what?

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