Strange Japan

Today I decided to post a list of strange Japanese pictures. Japan is definitely the weirdest country in the world.

strange Japanese house

weird japanese sign

japan, no further description required

japan funny suit

japan tv perv

japan hair lashes

japan is gayIn my country you'd get beaten up for getting out of the house like this.

japan funny weird bike

heart shaped watermelon japan

weird japan pants women's

sumo babiesLeave those kids alone!

weird strange Japanese costumeThis is a kids product for God's sake!

japan under skirt pervsNevermind the picture, I want to ask are all Japanese people born with a camera?
Doctor: Ok, we've got the camera! Soon the baby is going to come out. O, oo, here are the feet. (Yeah, Japanese people come out feet first)

japan penis lollipopIf they're all this proud of this activity then I want to go there.

weird japan

weird strange japan pillow

japan weird strange

japan penis swan costume

japan invention funny

japan woman covered in frogs

weird man japan

weird mascot japan

japan girl licks dogs buttWhy would anyone... nvm.

japan weird tattoo implant

japan is weird

japan chicks
I had a lot more pictures but they were just too dirty to post on this blog.

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